DejaFrog Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?  Chances are that someone else has had the same question in the past.  Below are several questions with answers or links to tutorials that we hope you will find helpful:

I’ve started a new game, now what?

Starting a New Game and Game Play are two short tutorials on the game play of DejaFrog.  In short, DejaFrog is a new spin on a classic card matching game. The game starts with a set of cards face down. The images on the cards are in pairs and players take turns trying to match the cards until all of the cards are matched.

A player’s turn starts with the player flipping over two cards. If the cards match, the pair is moved to the player’s stack and the player continues their turn by flipping over two more cards. If the two cards flipped don’t match, the cards are flipped back face down and play moves to the next player. Play continues until all of the cards are matched.

Can we have more than 2 players?

Absolutely!  See the Choosing the Number of Players tutorial for details.  In short, the Players? button is used to select the number of players.

Is it possible to have more cards in a game (a larger game)?

Sure!  See the Game Size tutorial for details.  The short answer is that the Matches? button is used to set the number of pairs of cards in the game.

Are there other cards that can be matched?

Yes! There are three different types of cards built into DejaFrog, (The little Frog, Letters, and Numbers), which are described in the short tutorials: Choose Your Card Images and Card Type.  You can also use photos from your own photo library as the card images using the My Photo In-App Purchase.

I can’t hear the game sounds. What can I check?

There are three quick places to check.  First the easy one…  Is sound turned off using the mute switch on the side of the iPhone or iPad?  Be sure it’s in the ON position.  Once the switch is set to allow sounds, check the volume using the up-down volume buttons on the side of the device to make sure it is not turned all the way down.  Increase the volume to the desired level.  Still no sound?  The final place is the Sound (Audio) Settings panel.  There you can select the background music, card announce, sound effects, and end of game cheers.

These are the three typical places to check.  There are other less common causes, such as headphones not plugged in properly, inconsistent device state, etc.  Ensure that other sound-enabled apps that you use regularly are functioning properly, and DejaFrog should as well.

How do I make changes to the game?

The Settings panels are the place to make these changes, as described in the Settings tutorial.  There are separate settings and tutorials for the Card Types, Sounds, In-App Purchase Management, and some general Information and links to more help.

What are the In-App Purchases and how are they handled?

There is an additional feature of DejaFrog that is available for purchase as described in the tutorial: My Photos.  All in-app purchasing is handled through the Apple iTunes Store using your iTunes Account.  The purchase is initiated by you in DejaFrog, but the actual purchasing is completed by you with the iTunes Store.  The iTiunes Store then notifies the DejaFrog app that the purchase has been made, and features are delivered immediately to your game.

I’ve made an In-App Purchase on one of my devices. Do I need to purchase it again on one of my other devices?

No, fortunately!  The purchases are tied to your iTunes Store account, so once you’ve purchased these features for one of your devices, you are entitled to install them for free on your other devices.  DejaFrog offer simple support for this.  Simply go to the Settings panels, then the In-App Purchases tab, and then tap “Restore Purchases”.  Any previously purchased features will be activated on this new device.

I’ve purchased the My Photos feature.  How do I select the photos?

The My Photos Setup tutorial covers the card creation and photo selection and adjustment.  The photos are selected from the iPhone/iPad/iPod photo library and the size and position are set by you for the best look.  If you decide to change or remove cards, that’s easy also.

Is my device’s photo library changed in any way?

No.  The photo is copied from your library into DejaFrog and that copy is adjusted to your preference.  The original is never altered in any way.

What if I start a game with photo cards and I haven’t created enough photo cards yet?

No problem!  The game will fill in the remainder of the cards with frogs as needed.  For example, if you start a game with 8 matches (pairs), but you’ve only created 5 personalized photo cards, the game will use 3 of the frog image cards to complete the set of game cards.

Can I pause a game and resume later?

Yes. When you leave a game and go to another app, take a phone call, etc., DejaFrog will move to the background.  When you return to DejaFrog, the game will move to the foreground and the game will continue where your left off.

I’ve enabled the Online Play feature.  How do i connect to my family / friends?

The Online Play Launching and Online Play (Gameplay) tutorials are a great place to start.  The first covers the process of making the connection and the second covers the game play once the connection has been established.  All connections and communication channels are handled using Apple’s Game Center, and DejaFrog piggybacks on their communication channels.

Can I disable Online Play and re-enable it later?

Absolutely! The Disable Online Play (Game Center) tutorial describes two different ways to do this.  One method turns off DejaFrog‘s connection to Game Center from within the game itself.  Disabling it in the game’s Network Play Settings disconnects DejaFrog from Game Center. It also removes the Online Play button from the main screen when the Play buttons are shown to prevent accidentally starting a network game.  The second method is much more thorough by disabling “Multiplayer Games” and “Adding Friends” in the Settings App for your device and password protects those restrictions.  The “Multiplayer Games” in the Settings App is the basis for Online Play in DejaFrog.  Logging out of the Game Center app is third method for limiting network play, and will require you require in again to play future online games.

Can I turn off Voice Chat, but still play a network game?

Sure!  Uncheck Enable Voice Chat in the Network Play Settings.

 What if I just want to temporarily disconnect Voice Chat during a game?

If Voice Chat has been established, you will see the telephone icon. Tap the button and the Voice Chat will be stopped and the button will have a red “X” in the middle to indicate that you’ve stopped it.  Tap the button again and a reconnection will be attempted, (and the red “X” will disappear).

What if I lose the Voice Chat connection to the other person?

DejaFrog uses Game Center for all network connections and Voice Chat.  Game Center does a great job of making the connections and it works with a wide variety of networks and network signal quality.  However, when network signal quality is not very good, the Game Center frameworks attempt to gracefully reduce the amount of information transferred between the devices. Unfortunately, Voice Chat is very demanding of the network and is typically the first thing that is switched off when network signal quality is poor.  You’ll see a small message briefly in the middle of the screen that either you or the other person has left the chat in these situations.  Often, this will automatically reconnect in a few seconds, but tapping the telephone icon to off and then back on will attempt an immediate reconnect.  When the Voice Chat connection is established, you’ll see a small message briefly in the middle of the screen that the other person has joined the chat.

Voice Chat requires a good quality WiFi connection to work. If you or other person are moving and the WiFi connection drops, the Voice Chat connection will temporarily drop as well.  An Online Play game is still possible with 3G, but Voice Chat will be unavailable.

Voice Chat is established, but I can’t hear the other person… Anything I can try?

If you’ve got a good WiFi connection and you’ve seen the brief message in the middle of the screen that the voice chat has been established, but you still don’t hear anything, there are a few items that you can check.  Also, the telephone icon will pulse slightly to indicate that a voice chat is in progress.

  • Is the volume turned up enough to hear?  Check the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to see if the volume is at a sufficient level.
  • Is there a microphone present on your device and the other device?  The iPhone and iPad have built-in microphones, as does the fourth generation iPod touch. Earlier iPod Touches do not, but the second and third generation models work with an external microphone that is part of some headsets. Make sure it it plugged in correctly in that case.
  • Is the microphone or the speaker covered? This sounds overly simple, but it’s very easy to inadvertently cover them up.  For example, there is a tiny hole on the top of the iPad next to the headphone jack that is the microphone port.  Sometimes a case can cover this if not aligned properly.  The speaker opening or microphone on the bottom of the iPad or iPhone is easy to obstruct by resting the device on your hand or other surface. Apple has a few tips for microphoneuse and troubleshooting.

The sound works, but is quiet or muffled… Anything I can try?

If you’re hearing the voice chat, but it’s just very quiet or muffled, be sure to check the speaker volume on your device and make sure that the microphone ports on the other device are not obstructed (see question above).  Some covers or cases can reduce the sound that reaches the microphone and greatly diminish the quality of the Voice Chat.

 I can hear the other person loudly enough, but the voice is a bit garbled… What’s up?

The Voice Chat in Game Center uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.  With a good quality network signal, the voice quality is very good.  As the network signal quality or bandwidth degrades, so can the voice quality.  (This means the quality along the entire path of the network connection between the two devices.)  The system automatically tries to reduce the voice quality slightly to maintain a connection, but sometimes even this isn’t enough.  You might experience momentary dropouts and such, and this often clears automatically as network conditions improve.  Tapping the telephone button off and back on will occasionally result in a better quality reconnection, but this is entirely dependent on the network conditions between your device and your friends device (the entire path).

 I’m trying to send an Online Play invitation, but I don’t see my friend in the friend list?

If you’ve seen your friend in the list before, but you don’t see them now, it typically means they are not logged into Game Center or they are not connected to the internet (WiFi off, device turned off, on a flight, etc.).  If they are connected to the internet, make sure that they are logged into the correct account on Game Center.  Go to the Game Center app on the devices home screen and make sure both of you are correctly logged in to the correct account. If you’ve never seen them in the friend list, make sure that you both have a Game Center account and are logged in currently.

I try to send an Online Play invitation, but it shows “failed” after attempting to connect instead of “ready”?

Game Center tries its best to establish a connection, (even if the device is not currently connected to the internet), by using previously stored network information.  However, if you are not actually connected to the internet, the game connection will not complete properly.  Make sure that you are actually connected to the internet by looking for the WiFi symbol on the status bar and perhaps try to connect to in safari on that device to make sure.  If all else fails, you may need to wait a bit and try again.

After I send the Online Play invitation, it just hangs.  What can I do?

Game Center tries to make the connection under a variety of conditions.  Occasionally, the connection attempt is unsuccessful.  It typically takes 5 to 10 seconds for the invitation to reach the other person, but sometimes takes longer if Game Center can’t contact the other person.  If a minute or so has passed, it’s useful to cancel that invitation and send another.

Occasionally, the invitation is received, but Game Center is not able to make the actual connection after that. Canceling and resending the invitation is often enough to achieve a good connection.