Quick How-To

Rover Run (Orange)We’ve got lots of instruction on how to fly, but here are some quick how-to instructions on the game steps:

This is a physics simulation game. The object of the game is the retrieve all of the escaped rovers by flying in close (which will capture them automatically) and then return them to their base at the far left of the scene.


  1. On the Welcome Screen, tap the Play â–· button to show the Levels
  2. Pick a game level, which will enter the level and show a short description
  3. Tap the screen to start the engines
  4. Tilt forward and backward to adjust the throttle
  5. Tilt side to side to adjust the angle of the recovery vehicle
  6. (optional) If using auto mode, touch the screen to indicate the desired position of the recovery vehicle. Drag your finger and the recovery vehicle will follow your finger.
  7. Fly in close to the rovers to capture them (They are captured automatically when close)
  8. Fly the rover to the far left of the scene and return it to one of the capture pods
  9. Once all have been captured, return the recovery vehicle to its perch to complete the level.
  10. Unlock levels by completing the previous level.