Rover Run Frequently Asked Questions

RoverRunQuestion_600x800Got a question?  Chances are that someone else has had the same question in the past.  Below are several questions with answers or links to tutorials that we hope you will find helpful:

How do I play?

There are some simple, short tutorials on How to Start, a Quick How-To, and the In-Game Tutorial.  In short, your goal is to capture the escaped rovers and return them to base.  Tap the screen to start the engines.  Tilt the iPhone / iPad forward and backward to control the thrust to go up and down.  Tilt side to side to control the angle of the recovery vehicle to go right or left.  Fly close above the rovers and they’ll be captured automatically.  Fly them back to the base to the far left of the scene and lower them into one of the empty energy fields.  When all of the rovers have been returned to base, land the recovery vehicle on its perch to complete the mission.

What was the inspiration for Rover Run?

Great story on the Inspiration

What is Automatic Control Mode?

The manual method for controlling the recovery vehicle is by tilting the iPhone / iPad to control the thrust and angle.  However, there is an Automatic Control mode where you control the movement of the recovery vehicle by simply tapping the screen to select the desired position.  The recovery vehicle has a built-in Flight Control Computer and will automatically fly to that position.  You can also drag your finger on the screen and the recovery vehicle will fly toward your finger. You’ll earn more points with manual control, but automatic control can be simpler.  Try both and see which you prefer!

What is Automatic Landing?

Landing the recovery vehicle after returning all of the rovers to base can be one of the more tricky parts for new pilots.  However, there is an Automatic Landing mode where the recovery vehicle will land itself.  It has a built-in Flight Control Computer which will take over control and land safely.  You’ll earn points for landing by yourself, but the automatic control can be simpler and more fun.  The recovery vehicle might even perform some aerobatics to celebrate a successful mission!

Are Automatic Control and Landing the same thing?

No, not really.  Although the Flight Control Computer takes care of both, you can select them independently. On the Game Levels screen:

  • You can fly and land manually,
  • You can fly automatically, but land manually,
  • You can fly manually, but land automatically (default)
  • or You can fly and land automatically

I really like Rover Run!  How can I rate it in the App Store?

Thanks!  We have an easy link…  Tap the Rate Rover Run item on the Information & Settings page.

I can’t hear the game sounds. What can I check?

There are two quick places to check.  First the easy one…  Is sound turned off using the mute switch on the side of the iPhone or iPad?  Be sure it’s in the ON position.  Once the switch is set to allow sounds, check the volume using the up-down volume buttons on the side of the device to make sure it is not turned all the way down.  Increase the volume to the desired level.

These are the two typical places to check.  There are other less common causes, such as headphones not plugged in properly, inconsistent device state, etc.  Ensure that other sound-enabled apps that you use regularly are functioning properly, and Rover Run should as well.

How can I see more of the Scene (Space)?

To see more of the space to help spot the rovers faster, you should fly higher.  Rover Run has a sophisticated system for scaling and positioning the view based on position and velocity.  By flying higher, more of the scene will be revealed making it easier to spot the rovers.

Is there something like radar to help find the rovers?

Better… The best way is to fly higher so that you can see more of the scene.  By flying higher the rovers are easier to spot.  Even on the night scenes, they are fairly easy to find.  You can fly faster and swoop in for the grab!

How can I go faster using Automatic Control?

To go faster in Automatic Control, you should fly higher.  Flying higher allows you to see more of the scene.  By revealing a larger space, you can specify a desired position that’s farther away, which in turn causes the recovery vehicle to fly faster.

In Automatic Control Mode, the Recovery Vehicle doesn’t go where the rover is?

When you tap the screen, you are specifying where you want the recovery vehicle to fly.  If you tap the screen where the rover is now, the rover will not be there when the recovery vehicle gets there.  So, you need to tap the screen where the rover will be.  If the rover is too speedy, you can fly a little higher to pick up some speed and swoop in for the grab!

How do I earn more points?

Points are earned for a number of accomplishments.  The Earning Points article has a good overview.

Is there a separate High Score for each level?

Yes, each game level has a separate high score.  The point values available are different on each level, so each level has it’s own high score.  You can also reset all of the high scores if you’d like on the Information & Settings page.

Can I pause a game and resume later?

Yes. When you leave a game and go to another app, take a phone call, etc., Rover Run will move to the background.  When you return to Rover Run, the game will move to the foreground and the game will continue where your left off.  If you are in the middle of a mission, the Play, Menu, Restart, and Next Level buttons will appear.  Tap the Play button to resume your game.