Starting a New Game

When the app starts, there will be a brief splash screen, followed by three main buttons in the middle of the play area, (Play, Matches, and Players).  The Players button allows you to set the number of players in the game.  Once set, you do not need to change it for subsequent games unless of course the number of players changes.

The Matches button allows you to set the number of card pairs in the game.  4, 8, 12, or 18 pairs can be selected to set the level of difficulty.  Again, once this is set, you do not need to change it between games unless you want to.  All settings are remembered so if you close the app and reopen it later, the number of players and the number of matches (pairs) in the game remain set to your preferences.

Finally, press the big Play button and the game will start.  The cards are shuffled and placed face down and game play starts.

Game Play

DejaFrog is a new spin on classic card matching games. The game starts with a set of cards face down. The images on the cards are in pairs and players take turns trying to match the cards until they are all matched.

A player’s turn starts with the player flipping over two cards. If the cards match, the pair is moved to the player’s stack and the player continues their turn by flipping over two more cards. If the two cards flipped don’t match, the cards are flipped back face down and play moves to the next player. Play continues until all of the cards are matched.

Remembering where the previously flipped cards are is the key to winning!

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