In-App Purchase Settings

The Purchases tab in the Settings Panel is a place to manage your In-App Purchases.  In-app purchases are made through the iTunes Store using Apple’s In-App Purchasing capability.  One of the nice features of in-app purchases is that once they are purchased, they can be transferred to any device that you control (and that are tied to the same iTunes account).  If you have more that one device or get a new one to replace an older device, you are entitled to re-download the DejaFrog purchases that you’ve previously made for free.  Simply tap the Restore Purchases item and the iTunes Store will pop a small panel for you to log into your account.  After that, any previous feature purchase will be restored in DejaFrog.

The currently available in-app purchases will appear in the space below that.  If any of the features been purchased already, there will be a checkmark beside that item.  If there is not a checkmark, that item has not been purchased and is available.  If you would like to activate that feature, tap the item and the iTunes Store will pop the small panel for you to log into your account and approve the purchase.  If you change your mind, simply cancel the purchase when that panel pops up.  If you have already purchased the item, (perhaps on a different device), the iTunes store will show a small message offering the item for a free download.

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