Capturing a Rover

Rover CaptureFly in close above the rovers to capture them.  It’s relatively simple in the early levels, but gets progressively tougher in later levels.  In the early levels getting “close” is enough, but you’ll need to get very close in later levels (almost touching).

The white rovers tend to travel at a constant speed across the terrain and generally don’t maneuver to avoid you.  The black, blue, and red rovers will work very hard to avoid you as you get close.  The mischievous rovers will taunt you as well!  Some will stop, some will speed up, and some will quickly auto-reverse.  Mastering the early levels is key to success in later levels…

Once the capture cord attaches, lift the rover and fly it back to the base.  It will dangle by the elastic cord and add a little flight difficulty, but not too much.  See Releasing the Rover for the next step.