Game Buttons

Play Pause ButtonsPlay – Pause Button

In the upper right corner of the game, there is a faint Pause button.  Tapping that during a flight reveals the Menu button, the Replay Level button, and the Next Level button, while changing the Pause button into a Play button.

If Rover Run moves to the background (e.g. you receive a phone call, switch to another app, etc.), these buttons will be shown as well when you return.  By returning to a paused game, you can regain your bearings before needing to take over the controls!  Simply tap the Play button â–· to continue your game…


  • Menu – The Menu button will end the current mission and display the Game Levels
  • Replay Level – The Replay button will restart the current level
  • Next Level – The Next Level button will end the current mission and start a new mission at the next game level.  If the current level has not been successfully completed at least once, this button will not be enabled.

ScoresScore Banner

The Score banner that is shown at the end of the mission contains the same buttons: Menu, Replay, Next.  This banner is shown regardless of the mission outcome: Success, Crash, etc.  The buttons serve the same purpose as when revealed by the Play-Pause button.