In-Game Tutorial

Game PremiseGame Premise

What’s Rover Run all about?  Rover Run has a quick, built-in tutorial on how to play the game, how to fly, etc.  To access the tutorial, tap the “?” on the Levels screen.  The first pane that pops up (shown here) explains the game’s premise and the objectives.  The in-game tutorial will advance automatically through these screens, but if you want to skip any part of the tutorial, tap the right arrow in the corner…

HowToFlyUpDownHow to Fly (Up & Down)

To increase or decrease the thrust, which allows flying higher or lower, you simply tilt the iPad or iPhone forward or backward.  This works like the gas pedal in a car!

How To Fly Right-LeftHow to Fly (Right & Left)

To rotate the recovery vehicle to the left or right, which allows flying to the left or right) simply tilt the iPad or iPhone to the left or right.  This works like the steering wheel of the car!

HowToPlayHow to Play

To see a demonstration of the gameplay of Rover Run, tap the screen when this view appears.  This demonstrates the process of lifting off from the recovery vehicle’s perch, flying over the hills, searching for the escaped rovers, flying in close to the rover, capturing it, flying it back to the base, lowering it into one of the force fields, and returning to your perch.

GameDemoGame Demonstration

The steps for playing the game are shown in a actual game controlled completely by the flight computer.  These steps are also explained with a simple message at the bottom of the screen during the demo.  For your actual missions, you’ll have complete control of the recovery vehicle.